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MOL for Utilities and Municipalities

The traditional metering and billing systems used by Utilities and Municipal Authorities for Commercial and Industrial customers was invariably originally developed for simple tariffs with electromechanical meters. It becoming increasingly apparent that this system does not have the functionality and flexibility to cope with the demands of more complex tariff structures and the multifunction electronic meters used in a modern utility.

There is therefore a need for a metering system that would fulfil the following objectives:

  • To eliminate incorrect readings and the requirement for estimations.
  • To accurately account for technical and non-technical losses within the metering system.
  • To increase revenue and improve cash flow.
  • To cater for increasingly complex tariffs.

Most importantly, Utilities recognise the need to do more than provide electricity as a simple commodity; there is an imperative to embark on a programme that would enhance customer service. Confidence in existing metering and billing systems is often low because of numerous incorrect readings and estimations, and it is generally recognised within utilities that something has to be done to turn this around. An improvement in customer relations and confidence to would also positively influence the revenue cycle within the organisation.